Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hauerwas on the Reformation

"So on this Reformation Sunday long for, pray for, our ability to remember the Reformation – not as a celebratory moment, not as a blow for freedom, but as the sin of the church. Pray for God to heal our disunity, not the disunity simply between Protestant and Catholic, but the disunity in our midst between classes, between races, between nations. Pray that on Reformation Sunday we may as tax collectors confess our sin and ask God to make us a new people joined together in one might prayer that the world may be saved from its divisions."

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Amy said...

I didn't read the entire article- so forgive if I've misinterpreted.

I remember once upon a time we threw a Reformation Party at my house in college and drank Belgian beer and watched Luther- good ol' times.

As far as I remember, and as far as what I still believe, Reformation was a time to celebrate when God used a specific man to see to it that Christ's followers were able to have His Word again so they could interpret truth for themselves instead of having it dictated to them. Man had corrupted "church" into a means for political and financial advantages. I celebrate Reformation Day, not because we're so bad-A and can split off and do whatever we want to do- but because it was a time of truth persevering even over corrupt and powerful groups of men.

It seems we all agree that the unity of the church is important- and I don't think celebrating the reformation is against this. Au contraire, it is uniting the church in God's truth.

Anonymous said...

Do you throw true salvational meaning out in effort to have unity? Salvation is only gained through true repentance of one's own personal sins and the acceptance of the gift of forgiveness through Christ Jesus who died for us. It cannot be bought or negotiated. Indulgences was the fight that Luther fought against when he pinned the 95 Thesis to the door.

I will not throw out the doctinal facts of what true salvation is for the sake of unity.